Photos from summer-vacation 2014 can be seen here -

Marsh Terns, Scania, Sweden
Swedens 1st breeding of White-winged Tern, May 2014
The colony of White-winged Terns has been abandoned, June 2014
Black Terns breeding, May/June 2014

White-winged Terns, Denmark
Epic invasion of White-winged Terns in Denmark, May 2014

Kattegat Pelagic, Denmark
Pelagic in search of Yellow-billed Loon, April 2014 - Kattegat

Photos from winter-vacation 2014 can be seen here - Thailand

Dubai, UAE
Photos stopover in Dubai, Feb.2014 can be seen here - Dubai

NEW PHOTOS Denmark (Updated May 6th, 2015)

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NEW PHOTOS Hungary (Updated April 23rd, 2015)